Today’s Inspiration: Star Spangled Banner

We need to customize symbols of our society and embody them starting from our personal points of views, depending on our epoque, needs and esthetic feelings.

It’s really interesting how many things through the years and different points of views this flag and its colours can still express.

America like a canvas to tear apart with studs and safety pins, like a soft sweater that reminds you of someone and a place, like a flag to play with your friends, like cool bold colors put together, like the stripes of the big white socks you were wearing for rollerskating in the 80s.

Third and fourth photos from up, Lennon Sweater by Wildfox Couture.


  • dicembre 19, 2011


    Plz could u tell where I could fine the first sweater with the American flag?? Shipping in Europe..Thanks in advance :)

    • dicembre 22, 2011


      Hey! That sweater is a pretty common vintage piece in the US, so I’d suggest you to look for it on ebay if you want to find one that is exactly the same.. I checked on the site and there are a few still available! If you want to buy something more actual and in stores now, there are american flag themed sweaters by Dead Meat, Wild Fox and Ashis.. Hope this can help, good luck with your search :) x

  • febbraio 27, 2012


    Hi i’m looking for the first jumper too, but I cant find it and I have looked on ebay, any help?x

    • febbraio 27, 2012


      Hey! I couldn’t find one exactly like the sweater in the first photo, but there’s this one by Dead Meat that is really cool and it’s almost the same..Hope this helps! Good luck with your search ;) xx

    • marzo 19, 2012


      Hey Sophia, I found a sweater that is -almost- exactly the same as the one you liked in these photos, it’s from Brandy & Melville and I’ll publish a photo of it in a blog post tomorrow! Night x