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About The Locals’ Recipes Infographics

..What are The Locals’ Recipes Infographics? I asked some Italian designers to describe with a creative infographic (but with no rules, because I think artists need freedom of expression in first place!) the typical dish of their city, since Italy has so many amazing traditional plates to offer, and at the same time so many talented designers that can describe them in a very personal, peculiar way.

If you’re from Italy and you’d like to be part of this, please drop me an email [email protected]

Ok, ora vi starete chiedendo cosa sono The Locals’ Recipes Infographics. Ho  deciso di chiedere a dei designer di talento provenienti da tutta Italia di illustrare (senza l’imposizione di parametri, in quanto ritengo che gli artisti debbano essere liberi di esprimersi) il piatto tipico del loro luogo d’origine, in maniera del tutto soggettiva e personale.

Se siete dei designer italiani e volete anche voi prendere parte al progetto, scrivetemi qui [email protected]

Panissa from Vercelli, by Daniele Margara

The very first dish of this first Italian series of The Locals’ Dishes Infografics is by Daniele Margara, a designer from Vercelli, Piedmont, in Italy. The city is right between Milan and Turin, and it’s surrounded by ricefields. The town’s typical dish couldn’t be anything but a plate of earthy risotto, cooked with salsiccia, beans and red wine. He illustrated the dish of his hometown with a cynical eye, ironically connecting food with those social processes of mass production that every day work against individuals.

La prima infografica della serie è di Daniele Margara e illustra il piatto tipico di Vercelli, la Panissa: un risotto rustico cucinato con salsiccia, fagioli e vino rosso. La prospettiva di Daniele è cinica, e connette con ironia il piatto con i processi sociali tipici della produzione, che da che mondo è mondo si ritorcono contro l’individuo.



-Earthy rice with salsiccia, beans and red wine-

Find the recipe in Italian here and in English here


Vercelli, Piedmont. North of Italy.

Have it when

You had a bad day, and need some hot and sincere comfort food that awaits for you at home.


Daniele Margara

Find out more about his work here

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