Interview: Glenda Lopez, Pop Jewelry

glenda 1TGD – Hi Glenda, how is it going? I just checked your new site and the video intro blew my mind. Can you explain the idea behind it, and where the concept came from?
GL - The concept of the video is our day by day professional growth. The original idea was to represent a space where the ideas and design could come to life. With that idea in mind, we asked ourselves: where do the ideas come from? And we thought that everybody writes or draw ideas on paper. White paper. So we covered in white paper our work space like a metaphor of rising ideas coming to life. The soundtrack for the video is Hey Sparrow by Peaking Lights. It sounds like a good mix of sensibility and modernity.
TGD – Let’s start from the very beginning. How old are you?
GL - 25 years old.
TGD – You’re a very young designer and you have already three collections out. Tell us about your background as a jewelry designer and as an individual.
GL - I have been designing jewelry since I was 13, first like a hobby and later selling my items in little stores or directly to people, friends… I had the fortune to work also with my sister, who is a fashion designer, and that helped me to understand the trends and the business.  I´m really into everything, and very curious too. I like art, antiques, fashion and everything that can surprise me.
TGD – What does family mean to you? I remember you told me you have a very strong relationship with every single member of your family.
GL – I wouldn’t know what “trust” mean without my family. They are there for me every step of my life.
TGD – Let’s talk about your jewelry collections. What’s the meaning of your first collection?
GL – I named my first collection Welcome Instinct: it’s like the very first step that leads to the actual me as a designer. It shows the way I work and my point of view on jewelry.
TGDLive To Play: describe it in a few words
GL – I made these pieces as a symbol of the importance of playing, and also to showcase jewelry as something playful.
glenda 3
TGD – I remember from the summer when you showed me “Live to Play” that I loved the idea of synthesis you had. You created jewelry modeled by a guy that was also instinctively appealing to women. That’s what I felt when I first looked at your collection: those are pieces you want to steal from your boyfriend. Probably the thin chains, the “hands” theme, the sleek lines. Everything in those pieces was very attractive, I’d say: it gave me the idea of something that has been created in the fine line where women and men’s desires meet. What’s your idea of gender then, when you create a collection. Do you create thinking about who’s going to wear it?
GL – You know what, at the end of the day it’s the customer’s choice that matters: everyone’s really free to choose what they love without any gender boundary.  When I’m creating a collection I think in styles, ways of life..
glenda 2
TGD – The latest collection is totally in the cartoon spirit of this season along with brands like Lazy Oaf, Kenzo, and Hous of Holland. Why did you choose food, to represent your idea of “POP”?
GL – Because food is an everyday thing, and Pop Food is always in the streets. I think this world deserved a special mention, like a social phenomenon.
TGD – Resume this collection in 5 words
GLBling. Fast. Easy. Enjoy. Now.
TGD – I remember that you used to play The Sims when slacking at your desk when it was too hot in the Valencian summer, and in the game you were making burgers like there was no tomorrow.
GL – Ok, I must say that I love burgers.
TGD – You have a great attention to details: from the fine package in which your jewelry comes in, to the handmade details from your promo video.. Do you think you need to be a very precise person to be a jewelry designer? Do you consider yourself so?
GL – I don’t know other jewelry designers, but I can say I’m very precise and totally into little details.
TGD – You live and work in Valencia. Why Valencia?
GL – Valencia is a good place to develop creative ideas and for a good quality life. We have the beach, natural food and a nice weather. My job is international anyways, and one day I could end up living somewhere else, who knows what future holds [note: Glenda is actually moving her activity to Milano, Italy].
TGD – What are your favourite places in Valencia for breakfast, lunch, dinner and shopping?
GL -

Breakfast: Dulce de leche (cakes and coffee)
Lunch: La Mediterránea (burgers made with local or exotic products)
Dinner: Tastem (japanese food)
Shopping: Calle Colón
TGD – What do you absolutely need to do when you visit Valencia?
GL – You must try the real Paella.
TGD – You are also a dj. Tell us a 5 songs playlist for your latest collection POP:
GLMy Playlist:
John Talabot Silikron (Jürgen Paape Remix) – Kron
M. I. A. – Y. A. L. A
Tristesse Contemporaine – Fire (Clement ASWF Mix)
Remote – Alcyone
M. I. A. – Only 1 U
TGD – If you had to bring 5 things to the future for the will of jewelry, which ones would they be.
GLFashion, concepts, risk, eco, handmade.
Find out more about Glenda Lopez Jewelry:
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